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2016 Symposium Speaker Bio | RETURN TO AGENDA

Jimmy Bell, Ph.D.
Research Center for Health, University of Westminster, London, UK

Professor Jimmy D Bell completed his PhD in Biochemistry in 1987 (London) on NMR techniques to assess biological processes. He went on to work as a post-doctoral researcher in metabolism and obesity at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School, where he worked extensively on the development and application of in vivo MR methodologies for the study of disease development, demonstrating for the first time the importance of gene-environment interaction in obesity. Joined the MRC-CSC (Imperial College London) in the mid-90’, where he was appointed Professor and Group Head. He recently moved to the University of Westminster to establish a new Research Centre for Optimal Health (ReCOH). He has published over 200 peer-reviewed papers and authored over a dozen chapters for scientific books. The main goal of his research program is in integrating biochemical, molecular biology and MR techniques to define the influence(s) of candidate genes and environmental factors on optimal health and chronic diseases, particularly those associated with obesity and accelerated ageing.