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Sam Jennings
CRN UK, United Kingdom

Sam Jennings works for the UK-based international food science consultancy, Berry Ottaway & Associates Ltd., covering scientific, technical and regulatory aspects within the food industry, and specializing in the food/dietary supplements sector. She provides advice to industry and regulators globally on technical and associated European regulatory issues.

Since 2006, Sam has been Technical Adviser to the Council for Responsible Nutrition in the UK (CRN UK). She is Chair of the international Technical Group that operates under the auspices of the International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations (IADSA), and is also a member of the IADSA Scientific Council.

Over the past few years, Sam has led international working groups in the production of global technical guidance documents for the supplement industry. The published documents include a global guide to good manufacturing practice for supplements, guidelines on the handling of complaints of adverse events and shelf-life recommendations for supplements. Currently ongoing projects include guidelines on the preparation and use of Certificates of Analysis for supplement ingredients and further detailed information on stability testing for the shelf-life determination of supplements.