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2011 Symposium Speaker

Prof. Stefan Mϋhlebach, Ph.D.
Vifor Pharma, Ltd., Glattbrugg, Switzerland

Education and University activities

  • 1975: (Federal) diploma in pharmacy (Ms Pharm Sci) University of Bern (Switzerland)
  • 1979: PhD in pharmacology and toxicology (research fellow, Dept. of Pharmacology, University Bern) Faculty thesis award
  • 1993: Habilitation at the Medical Faculty University of Bern (venia docendi) (Thesis: polychlorinated hydrocarbons as model compounds in pharmacology)
  • 2000: Habilitation at the Medical Faculty, University of Basel / Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Faculty lecture: on lipid peroxidation of intravenous lipid emulsions: a stability issue with clinical impact)
  • 2004: appointed Professor of Pharmacology & Hospital Pharmacy (Medical Faculty, University Basel; part-time).
  • 2009: Member/Fellow Swiss Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences /Swiss Society Pharm. Sciences Teaching and research (publications) in Pharmacology, Hospital Pharmacy, Clinical Nutrition including direction of PhD, MD, and Ms Sci theses

Hospital Pharmacy

  • 1980: Head hospital pharmacy, Regional Hospital of Biel (Switzerland)
  • 1987: Chief Pharmacist, Kantonsspital Aarau (KSA) (Switzerland)
  • 1995: Head Department of the Central Medical Services KSA; member of the Hospital Board
  • 2002: 1st recognized center for postgraduate specialisation in hospital pharmacy in Switzerland (FPH) Member of national and professional organisations and societies.

Authority and Federal functions

  • 2005: Swissmedic: Head of the Pharmacopoeia unit, President of the Swiss Pharmacopoeia Commission and Head Swiss Delegation at the European Pharmacopoeia Commission, Council of Europe Strasbourg: EDQM
  • Since 2010: Head Therapeutic Products at the Federal Office for National Economic Supply (BWL) (part-time)

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • 2008: Vifor Pharma Switzerland: Chief Scientific Officer, Head Scientific dept. and member of the Board
  • 2009: Scientific Director, in Global Regulatory Affairs at the International Vifor Pharma Ltd headquarter in Glattbrugg (Zürich)
Industrial activities include scientific, clinical, regulatory and educational work (training) on the company’s medicinal product portfolio: e.g. i.v. iron sugar complexes, OTC and consumer health care products, including nutraceuticals (essential Ω-3 fatty acids). Cross functional (international) collaboration in projects together with experts from academia, health care professionals, authorities, and other pharmaceutical industries.